“How To … Walk Your Dog on a Loose Leash”



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Taking Your Dog for a Walk?


  • Does it take at least 10 to 20 minutes of walking with your dog before you can even begin to enjoy the walk and not be dragged around?
  • Have you ever returned home from walking your dog either in tears, injured or furious?
  • Have you sworn that you will “Never Walk the Dog Again!” … and then felt guilty when you looked down at your dog’s innocent face and KNEW that your dog had NO IDEA why you were so upset – OR what to do about it?
  • Are you just plain old TIRED of being embarrassed?
  • Have other dog training methods and advice failed you?
  • Even worse … have you ever wondered if your dog might be better off with someone else ?

If any of these scenarios describe your situation, let me reassure you that
You Are Not Alone!!!

A Multi-Media Ebook


My name is Karyn Garvin and I have been training dogs professionally since 1978. I was even surprised when I did the math the other day and realized that I have had no less than 40,000 private lessons with people just like you.

I understand what you’re going through!!! I have helped thousands of people over the years, and that experience inspired me to write this book … Just for You.

Here are just a few testimonials:

It’s all about Saving Dogs’ Lives


Dog training has a lot in common with rescue groups; we save lives too.
The difference is that we have the opportunity to Save Dogs’ Lives before the dog becomes homeless.

I’m very clear that For Your Dog to Be Happy …

You Need to Be Happy!!!

A Multi-Media Ebook

All the answers you NEED, right at your fingertips!!! The embedded videos help you See Examples of the Lessons Being Taught.

The solutions DO NOT have anything to do with …

Whether You Are Strong Enough
Whether or Not Your Dog Respects You
Whether Your Dog Is Trying to Dominate You

As a matter of fact, it’s not even about YOU!!!

How To … Walk Your Dog on a Loose Leash

The Integrated Approach